No matter how you are,

There is a mass for you

THE 4 DIFFERENT MASSES are the main protagonists of the POP concept, they have their own personality.

It does NOT mean that if you like one, you don't like the other, but that not every day is the same, we don't always want the same thing.

For this reason, at TOTALE, you can choose according to how you feel, according to the day and the company, the dough and the ingredients that go with you.

Nuestros locales

Totale Boadilla

totale pzeria boadilla

Totale Las Tablas

totale pizzeria calle burguete

Totale Moncloa

local totale pizeer铆a moncloa

Totale Las Rozas

totale pizzeria gourmet las rozas

Opening soon

Totale Valdebebas

Proxima apertura totale valdebebas

Totale Tres cantos

proxima apertura totale pizzeria tres cantos

Totale Montecarmelo

prxoima apertura montecarmelo totale pizzeria

These are our 4 MASSES


With 6 cereals, mother yeast and sea water.


Tall and sweet. Crispy sourdough on the outside and fluffy on the inside.



Thin and crisp. 72h of fermentation, mother yeast and selected flours.



Deglutinated flour and long fermentation.


The recipes in TOTALE are new and different,100% Italian quality products with handmade doughs.

We bet on the future with original recipes, dissociating ourselves from traditional Italian, to create a different italian restaurant with excellent quality and many surprise elements.